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uvuyo Event Gateway

uvuyo is our powerful Event Gateway which makes it easy to integrate various event sources like SNMP, TrueSight events and emails, transforms the data using a powerful rule language and sends the transformed data to numerous destination systems.


Powerful Event Connector to receive events from different sources

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Highly customizable rule engine enabling users to create filter, mapping and transformation rules

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Easy to setup Adapters to send events to various targets like BMC Helix Operations Management, BMC TrueSight and Log File

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Solution Packs

uvuyo solution packs combine the MIB files and transformation rules allowing to setup data collection streams with minimal configuration. Contact us to learn more about solution packs.

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uvuyo collects SNMP data supporting Version v1, 2c and v3. Data collection was designed to be as user-friendly as possibly making it easy to add new data sources. Simply add the appropriate MIB file. The gateway will automatically read the MIB including it’s dependencies and map the SNMP values to human readable format as described in the MIBs.

The gateway build on micro services technology is designed to be highly scalable to easily adapt to your data center size. Being horizontal scalable the collector is capable of handling high volumes of data.

To ensure that you don’t miss any data being collected the gateway supports high availability.

Available Connectors



To send the data to the destination system it has to be transformed. uvuyo has a build in powerful event engine allowing you to filter, map and transform data received from sources.

The uvuyo engine language allows simple access to the data collected while giving users the power of a modern script language to transform the data to their needs.


uvuyos pluggable architecture allows to send the data to different destinations. We currently support sending data to BMC helix Operations Management and BMC TrueSight Operations management as well as sending the data to log files allowing third party systems to pick up the transformed data.

Besides sending the data to different destination systems the plugins also support the management of the schema data on the destination system. Making it easy to prepare the destination systems to receive the transformed data

Available Adapters


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