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uvuyo Gateway

uvuyo our intelligent gateway for data integration establishes a dynamic conduit for real-time data exchange between IT systems, enabling seamless communication and synchronization of crucial data across diverse software components.


The powerful data gateway effortlessly collects data from various sources, including databases, APIs, and cloud services, streamlining the data integration process for transformation.

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Our powerful rule engine excels at data transformation, enabling organizations to reshape, cleanse, and enrich their data to meet specific the requirements of the target system with minimal effort.

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Sending data to various sources is a critical aspect of modern data integration, and our platform ensures reliable delivery to meet your business needs.

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Solution Packs

uvuyo solution packs combine Integrations with and transformation rules allowing to setup data collection streams with minimal configuration. Contact us to learn more about solution packs.

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With a well-designed data collection framework, businesses can seamlessly integrate data from different sources, making it easy to build custom solutions tailored to their specific needs. uvuyo offers robust APIs and out of the box connectors, making it easy for developers to access and gather data from a variety of sources for their custom integrations.

To ensure that you don’t miss any data being collected the gateway supports high availability.

Available Connectors



To send the data to the destination system it has to be transformed. uvuyo has a build in powerful event engine allowing you to filter, map and transform data received from sources. With an easy-to-use GUI, users can intuitively design, manage, and fine-tune business rules and workflows, reducing the learning curve.

The uvuyo engine language allows simple access to the data collected while giving users the power of a modern script language to transform the data to their needs.


uvuyos pluggable architecture allows to send the data to different destinations. We currently support sending data to BMC helix Operations Management and BMC TrueSight Operations management as well as sending the data to log files allowing third party systems to pick up the transformed data.

Besides sending the data to different destination systems the plugins also support the management of the schema data on the destination system. Making it easy to prepare the destination systems to receive the transformed data

Available Adapters


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