By default uvuyo is configured to communicate with clients using SSL. If you don’t install your own SSL certificate a self signed certificate is going to be used. Self signed certificates are insecure and will cause warnings in browsers. Therefor we strongly recommand to install your own certificate to make the communication between the uvuyo node and the uvuyo client secure.

To configure SSL using your certificate you need to edit uvuyo default configuration file. The default configuration file can be found in $UVUYO_HOME/etc/ Where $UVUYO_HOME is the location where you installed uvuyo, which usually is /opt/2yetis/uvuyo on Unix servers.

If the file does not exists you would need to create the file. Normally the file should exists, since it also contains the license information.

The following variables need to be set in the files to setup SSL using PKCS12

spring.ssl.bundle.jks.server.keystore.locationLocation of the keystore
spring.ssl.bundle.jks.server.keystore.passwordPassword for the keystore
spring.ssl.bundle.jks.server.keystore.typetype of the keystore. Must be either „PKCS12“ or „JKS“


You will need to restart the uvuyo node so that the new configuration is recognized.
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