uvuyo is an application that allows you to transfer data bidirectional in real time between to IT systems. It is designed to provide you with a High available, scalable and extendable architecture which allows it to adapt to the needs of your enterprise.

Uvuyo Node #

The core of the product is the uvuyo node. It hosts all the functionality to process data received from source systems and to forward the data processed by the nodes powerful event engine to the target systems. An uvuyo installation can consist of multiple nodes. Building an architecture of multiple nodes allows you to achieve the availability goals you need for your application. Also, multiple nodes will enable you to scale the application the more data needs to be processed.

Connector #

Connectors are used to feed uvuyo with data. Connectors are light-weight plugins that focus on receiving data from source systems and forwarding the data to uvuyo. They are built as plugins to isolate the data collection functionality from the core product. The product gets shipped with a set of connectors. You would need a license for each connector you use. If you are missing a connector to collect (or receive) data from a source, please contact us and we are happy to build the appropriate connector for you.

Adapter #

On the outgoing side uvuyo is using adapters to send data to the destination. Adapters are like connectors light-weight plugins that focus on sending the data to the destination systems. Functionality which is share by all adapters is built into the core node. This includes functions like recovering from recoverable errors. The product gets shipped with a set of connectors. Like with the adapters you will need a license for each connector you use. If you miss an adapter to send data to, please contact us.

The adapters and connectors called endpoints. Endpoints are light weight since they only provide the functionality to receive and send data. This makes both components the core and the endpoints stable and less prone to errors. Also, endpoints will profit from future developments to the core.

Event Engine #

The uvuyo node comes with a build in engine to process the data after received from the connector and/or process the data before shipping it via the adapter. The engine includes a scripting language combined with modules which gives you a good set of functionalities to manipulate the data. In case the functionality provided is not sufficient the engine can be extended with modules to meet your requirements.  

Kafka #

Kafka is used to send messages between the core and the endpoints. You will need to have a kafka instance to run the product. If you use the containerized version of uvuyo, the installer will download the appropriate version of kafka (and zookeeper supporting kafka) for you.

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