Configuration Parameters

Uvuyo comes with a set of configuration parameters build in these configuration parameters can be overwritten either by editing the $UVUYO_HOME/etc/ The following table contains a list a paramters that can be overwritten using this file:

uvuyo.license.keyn/aThis variable should be set after you received your license key from 2Yetis. It contains the license key for the product. If you do not set the license key, your uvuyo node might not start. During the installation a temporary license key is generates allowing you to use the product for 1 month in non-production environments.
uvuyo.license.ownern/aThis variable contains the license owner of the product. It is delivered together with the license key. Make sure that it is exactly the same as you received it from 2yetis the logging level of the node. Use this parameter to increase the number of messages logged by the node in case you need to debug the node. You can use the standard error levels info,warning,error,debug and trace
uvuyo.topic.prefixnet.2yetis.uvuyo.The prefix used in kafka for all the topics created by uvuyo
uvuyo.cluster.protocoludpThe protocol used by the cluster. If the cluster is running in the same network we recommend using udp. If the cluster is spread over networks you must use tcp
uvuyo.user.nameAdminThe username used to login to the uvuyo GUI. Be aware that the GUI is currently experimental and read only.
uvuyo.user.passwordshibuyaThe encrypted password used to login into the uvuyo GUI. See the rest api documentation on how to encrypt passwords
server.port8443The server port of the uvuyo server. Use this port to login to the cluster via GUI. The port is also used by the restapi.
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