BPPM Connector

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The bppm connector is used to receive event from BMC Proactive Performance Management (BPPM). It can also be used to receive events from TrueSight or older BMC cell based products.

Events are either propagated to the adapter using either MRL rules or MRL policies.


portnumber1828The port used to bind the connector to where bppm events should be received from.
addressstringn/aThe address to bind the connector to where the bppm events should be received from.


- driver: "net.the2yetis.uvuyo.integration.bppm.BppmEventConnector"
  active: true
  id: "bppmEventConnector"
  name: "BPPM"
  dispatcherId: "test"
  ruleModules: []
  port: 1828

Configuring the Cell #

To be able to send events from a cell to the uvuyo adapter you need to configure the cell accordingly. The steps can be done during production and need no downtime of the cell.

Configuring the cell to send events to uvuyo us done in three places. The

  • $MCELL_HOME/etc/gateway.uvuyo file,
  • the $MCELL_HOME/etc/mcell.dir and the
  • $MCELL_HOME/etc/bemo2/kb/rules/o2_propagate_uvuyo.mrl file.

Step 1 – Prepare mcell.dir

The $MCELL_HOME/etc/mcell.dir file contains the information on how the cell should contact the uvuyo gateway. You will need to add an enrtry for every uvuyo node you running the connector for which you want to events to.


gateway.uvuyo uvuyo0 mc uvuyoserver0:1828
gateway.uvuyo uvuyo1 mc uvuyoserver1:1828
gateway.uvuyo uvuyo2 mc uvuyoserver2:1828

Step 2 – Prepare gateway.uvuyo

The $MCELL_HOME/etc/gateway.uvuyo file contains information on the protocol which is used for communication between the cell and the uvuyo gateway. During the installation an example to the gateway.uvuyo file is installed in the $UVUYO_HOME/etc directory. Copy that file to $MCELL_HOME/etc/gateway.uvuyo

Step 3 – Create MRL Rule or Policy

You can specify which events you want to send to the uvuyo adapter by propagating the events using an MRL rule or Policy. The example below shows how you can send all the events of a cell to the uvuyo adapter.

propagate o2_propagate_uvuyo : EVENT ($E)
        to "uvuyo"

To send events to a uvuyo installation in high availability mode you would use the following example:

propagate o2_propagate_uvuyo : EVENT ($E)
        to one_of ["uvuyo0",”uvuyo1”]

Warning: We have experiencing problems with old versions of cell starting to hang when propagating events to EIF sources. In this case we recommend using the send_to MRL function instead of propagating events.


new send_to_uvuyo :  EVENT ($E)
          send_to(“uvuyo”, $E);
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