Helix IT Service Management Adapter

The helix ITSM adapter allows you to create records in any remedy form. The major use case for this is to create Incidents in remedy, but you can configure the adapter to your specific needs.


usernamestringn/aThe username used to connect to Helix ITSM / Remedy
passwordstringn/aThe password used to connect to Helix ITSM / Remedy
formstringHPD:IncidentInterface_CreateThe form into which the data is going to be inserted
attributesList of stringA list of attributes used to insert data into the configured form


- driver: "net.the2yetis.uvuyo.integration.helixItsm.HelixItsmEventAdapter"
  id: "helixItsmEventAdapter"
  name: "ITSM"
  dispatcherId: "fake2helix"
  active: true
  ruleModules: ["log","uvuyo2HelixItsm"]
  url: https://aena-dev-restapi.onbmc.com
  jwtRefreshInterval: 300
  username: "activationuser"
  password: "12n1V2N5s@22"
  form: "HPD:IncidentInterface_Create"
  - "First_Name"
  - "Last_Name"
  - "Description"
  - "Impact"
  - "Urgency"
  - "Status"
  - "Service_Type"
  - "Reported Source"
  - "Created_By"
  - "Assigned Group"
  - "Assigned Support Organization"
  - "Assigned Support Company" 
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