Rules are organized in modules. Zero or mode modules can be loaded by an endpoint. The rules are executed in the order how they are configured in a module and the order that they are listed in the endpoint. Rules configured later in a module will be run after the rules configured earlier in the adapter. Rules of modules listed later in the endpoint will be run after the rules listed in the earlier in the adapter.

Modules are stored in yaml format in the etc directory. The file names start with the prefix module. Followed by the module name and the extension .yaml. (E.g. module.snmp2uvuyo.yaml)


versionnumbern/aUsed by the nodes in the cluster to synchronize modules across the nodes.
rulesList of Rulen/aA list of rules. See Rule definition for further details


version: 1
- name: FilterPatrolInformation
  triggers: _classname == 'patrolInformation'
  type: Filter
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