How do I see how many records are still buffered?

uvuyo uses kafka as the link between a connector and an adapter. To communicate between the endpoints two kafka topics are created. The first one is the send topic which is used to send records from the connector to the adapter. The second one is the reply topic which is used to send records from the adapter to the connector. The topic names are composed from the configuration variable uvuyo.topic.prefix followed the dispatcher ID configured for the endpoint, followed by .send for the send topic and .reply for the reply topic.

Example: net.2yetis.uvuyo.snmp2bhom.send

You can get detailed information about the topic using the command If you installed your own version of kafka you will find this command in the kafka bin directory. If you are using the docker containers created during the installation process, the command can be found in the /opt/bitnami/kafka/bin directory.

To get the information on how many entries are still in the topic you need to specify three parameters. With the --bootstrap-server parameter you specify the zookeeper server associated with the kafka instance. The --group specifies the kafka group you would like to inspect. The kafka group is the same as the group ID of the uvuyo server. The default value for the uvuyo group ID is uvuyo. The last parameter is --describe which tells kafka to provide detailed information for the group.

Example: --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --group uvuyo --describe

When you run this command you will get a list of topics for the group specified. Look for the topic that you are interested in. Usually you would like to inspect the send topic used to send messages from the connector to the adapter. The Lag column will show you how many messages are still need to be processed. These are the messages that the connector put into the topic and have not been processed by the adapter.

/opt/bitnami/kafka/bin/ --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --group uvuyo --describe

GROUP           TOPIC                                   PARTITION  CURRENT-OFFSET  LOG-END-OFFSET  LAG 
uvuyo           net.2yetis.uvuyo.bppm2HelixITSM-1.send  0          49142           49142           0               
uvuyo           net.2yetis.uvuyo.bppm2HelixITSM-1.reply 0          194334          194334          0

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