Installing License Key

Uvuyo needs a license key to run. If you don’t have a license key, uvuyo will run with a temporary license after install. Be aware that you are not allowed to run uvuyo in production with a temporary license key. Also you are not allowed to reinstall uvuyo after your temporary license has expired.

You install the license key in the $UVUYO_HOME/etc/ file. There you need to set the two parameter uvuyo.license.owner and uvuyo.license.key to the values you got when you retrieved the license from 2yetis.

If the file does not exists you would need to create the file.


uvuyo.license.ownerThe entity that owns the license. Make sure that you type the owner exactly how you got it from 2yetis, else the node is not going to start.
uvuyo.license.keyThe license key provided by 2yetis. Again ensure that you have no typos in the key, else the node is not going to start.


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