SNMP Connector

The snmp adapter is used to receive snmp traps/notifications from snmp sources. The adapter is capable of receiving snmp traps/notifications and transforming them into events with human readable property names. Therefor the adapter reads a set of MIB files during startup. When an event is received the adapter will use the information from the MIB files to translate the OIDs send with the data into a human readable format. If no MIB was found for the specific OID the OID will not be translated, nevertheless the data is not going to be dropped, but will be accessible by specifying the OID.

MIBs that should be read by the adapter must be placed into the $MCELL_HOME/mibs directory. Additionally in the endpoints configuration the parameter mibs must be set to a the list of mibs to be loaded by the adapter.


addressstring0.0.0.0/162The ip or hostname followed by a slash and a port on which the adapter should listen for snmp traps/notifications
mibsList of stringn/aA list of MIBs that should be loaded by the adapter.


- driver: "net.the2yetis.uvuyo.integration.snmp.connector.SNMPEventConnector"
  active: true
  id: "snmpEventConnector"
  name: "SNMP"
  dispatcherId: "snmp2helix"
  ruleModules: ["log", "snmp2uvuyo"]
  address: ""
  hostname: ""
  port: "162" 
  - "BRIDGE-MIB.mib"
  - "PATROL-MIB.mib"

Configure your SNMP source so they will forward the traps/notifications to the host name port configured in the connector. Ensure that you have opened all the firewalls, so that no events will be blocked.

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