The installer will allow you to install uvuyo. The installation will enable you to either run uvuyo in a docker compose environment or in a standard unix/linux environment. The installer is written in java so you will need to have java (min version 12) installed.

We strongly recommend using unix/linux as your host system. This is the system that we use to develop/test and build uvuyo. We also recommend using an intel-based system if you plan to run uvuyo using docker since the images we provide are build using intel plattforms.

The minimum resources needed for the installation is 100MB disk space for uvuyo and 400MB disk space for your own kafka installation.

For every pipeline you create you should reserve 2 CPU. We refer to a pipeline as being on stream from an connector endpoint to an adapter endpoint. We estimate four additional CPUS for the servers running the kafka/zookeeper instances.

For an uvuyo node you would need to reserve 2GB of memory.

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