Helix Operations Management Adapter

The Helix operations Management adapter allows you to send events to helix operations management.


urlstringn/aThe URL used to access the Helix Operations Management system
keystringn/aThe key used to identify agains the Helix Operations Management system
secretstringn/aThe secret used to identify against the Helix Operations Management system
tenantIdstringn/aThe Tenant ID to connect to
jwtRefreshIntervalNumber300The interval in seconds used by the adapter to refresh the jwt token received by Helix. The jwt token is used to access the Helix server after login. It expires after a certain interval. The adapter will refresh the token automatically after the specified time.


- driver: "net.the2yetis.uvuyo.integration.helix.HelixEventAdapter"
  active: true
  id: "helixEventAdapter"
  name: "BHOM"
  dispatcherId: "snmp2helix"
  ruleModules: ["log"]
  url: https://customerdev.onbmc.com
  secret: MtTsZrqyyTlnm7FzUrt7NdsPuBJW2xT2YdLWuoDTSmN2zkKPp
  tenantId: 9999999
  jwtRefreshInterval: 300

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